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Welcome to MySkin Aesthetics

We are excited to announce that Louise Hill from MySkin Aesthetics

is now working from the Therapy Rooms Pembrokeshire. We were very curious about her work and asked her a

few questions ...

Why do you enjoy aesthetics?

When somebody is unhappy with their crows feet or slim lips its brilliant to be able to carry out a procedure that makes the person feel better about themselves. Aesthetic procedures, whether subtle or more noticeable are a great feel good factor for people. Giving confidence or turning back the clock a few years is such a pleasurable job and I just love the results! I also love improving patients skin. A simple course of glycolic or retinol peels and skincare advice does wonders. My glycolic and retinol peels can be modified for skin with rosacea to skin suffering with acne.

Who has aesthetic treatments?

Well, it can be anyone! Patients must be over 18 years old and complete my medical history checklist. I have strict personal rules that I will not carry out treatments unless I believe the patient will benefit from them.

Aesthetics procedures are for anybody who would like to improve and enhance their current look. I’ve found by enhancing a patients look it also boosts their confidence which is amazing!

Some patients like to keep their procedures a secret and will deny to friends and family that they have had a procedure. Other patients shout it from the roofs tops, with Instragram pics at every angle to show off their new look. There is a big increase in men having procedures and both anti-wrinkle injections and dermal filler can be used to get a sharp masculine look if desired. I fully support LGBT+. Basically everyone is welcome!

What happens when you have a non surgical procedure?

I ask patients to attend a free consultation to discuss their requirements. This is often the time when a patient thinks they need anti-wrinkle injections when in fact they need dermal filler.

After our discussion and we have both agreed a plan the patient is booked in for the procedure. Before the procedure I will discuss any preparation that the patient needs to carry out. A medical history and consent form is signed by the patient and myself. Prior to glycolic peels I will supply you with a free NeoStrata skincare product to use. Patients having anti-wrinkle injections will need a prescription (which I will arrange prior, dermal filler and peels do not require this) .

With both anti-wrinkle and dermal filler injections I like to use a “numbing cream” which is applied immediately before treatment. This minimises any discomfort. The dermal fillers also contain Lidnocaine (numbing agent) which also eases discomfort.

I only use Juvederm and Restylane dermal filler which are the premium brand in fillers. The injections are administered at the required points. When having dermal filler, the injection takes a little longer as I will be aspirating (gently pulling back) the needle to check my position and to ensure I am safely in the correct area.

The whole procedure doesn’t take too long and generally patients can return back to work and carry on the day. Aftercare advise is given and I always ensure you have a follow up appointment (I love this part, seeing results!).

Why choose a Nurse Practitioner for your aesthetic procedures?

There are currently a lot of non-medical or beauty therapists carrying out aesthetic procedures. I believe aesthetic treatments should only be carried out by qualified medical practitioners who are registered with a professional body. However, unbelievably there are no enforcements. Therapist who are not medically trained are administering prescription medication and potentially dangerous treatments without the necessary skills, medical knowledge or drugs to manage complications. Complications are rare, but selecting an appropriate practitioner is a must. Therapists are unregistered and can carry on practicing without any repercussions. There have also been recent cases in the news of therapists obtaining aesthetic products from the internet.

As a Nurse practitioner I obtain all products from an aesthetics pharmacy in person and carry an anaphylaxis kit, filler reversal kit and other relevant medical kits. As an experienced Nurse I have skills that a regular therapist doesn’t and am registered with the ACE group.

What aesthetic treatments are available?

Anti-wrinkle injections are available, I use the “botox” brand which is the most well known and trusted brand in aesthetics. So, up to 3 areas can be treated. The “frown” lines between the eyes, the “crows feet”at the sides of the eyes and the forehead. When injecting the frown a natural “eye lift” occurs which can, within reason be more or less “arched” depending on preference. The injections relax the muscle allowing for a smoother and less lined appearance.

Dermal fillers consist of a blend of hyaluronic acid and lidnocaine (numbing agent) which assist with smoothing out lines and wrinkles, replace lost volume and restore elasticity and tone. Fillers can be placed at different depths depending what effect I’m trying to achieve. The filler can add fullness to cheeks, to lift and project for a more defined look. The area near to the eye also softens with cheek filler. Lips can be plumped and the body of the lips refreshed. The lips lose their fullness as we age, so a little soft filler will restore them to “what they once were” or slim lips can get a boost with gentle filling. Getting slim lips to the desired thickness and fullness can take a few sessions. Wrinkles from nose to mouth and mouth to chin can be treated with a soft filler to naturally smooth and plump out. The jawline and chin can be contoured with filler. Any unwanted wrinkles can be smoothed and the projection of the jaw and chin enhanced. This is a popular procedure not only for woman, but men also love getting that “chizzled” chin the ladies and gents go crazy for!

Retinol and Glycolic peels are a fabulous treatment for the skin, which smooths, plumps and restores the skin. They can be used on acne prone skin and even used on the back or chest to improve skin quality. Skin with rosacea can also benefit from a glycolic peel.

Any skincare tips?

  • Eat well, some people cannot tolerate certain food groups, causing “breakouts”. Experiment what works for you

  • Don’t smoke

  • Get enough sleep

  • Cleanse your skin morning and night. The “60 second cleanse” is a current trend which basically means use a good quality cleanser (I use and recommend NeoStrata brand) and work it into your skin for at least 60 seconds to allow all ingredients to work and do their job, then rinse. (Always follow with sun protection, even in the winter)

  • Get a glycolic/retinol peel once in a while

  • Anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers are a non surgical way to improve your skin. Just ask for a free consultation.

  • Don’t stress. I’ve left this to last.. manage your stress however you can. Lastly, have fun… release some feel good endorphins, does wonders!

Louise can be contacted on 07889 800 088 for bookings and free consultations.

Louise is on Facebook MySkin Aesthetics and Instagram – myskintreatment and can also be emailed on, her website is

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