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Thinking of having counselling? Meet Julie

If you have been thinking about having counselling then read our interview with Julie, the person-centred counsellor at the Therapy Rooms to find out how she might be able to help you.

How did you become a counsellor?

From a very early age I found that people would come to me with their problems as I could relate and empathise with them in a non-judgmental way. I have always been interested in psychology, which then led me to counselling.

What do you enjoy about your work?

Each person I counsel has their own unique story, so building the therapeutic relationship and seeing the progress they make over time to improve their lifestyle and wellbeing is really rewarding.

Who comes to see you for counselling?

I see clients with a range of issues from depression, anxiety, domestic and sexual abuse, addiction or low self-esteem.

What happens during a typical session?

The sessions are very relaxed with the client leading, so this way he/she will only talk about issues they are ready to discuss.

Give us your five top health and wellbeing tips?

  • Learn to value yourself

  • Taking time for self-care

  • Having a balanced life style

  • Be assertive

  • Set realistic goals

What’s next for you?

Although I am an experienced counsellor and trained for two years at Ammanford University, there is always more to learn and I am currently studying for a degree in counselling.

To find out more about Julie click here and to make an appointment call 07940 745649.

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