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‘’Everyone has been telling me that I look really well!’’

This is something I hear often from people who have a course of facial revitalisation acupuncture, and while many people are happy to talk to others about the benefits acupuncture has had on their pain levels, their sleep and their ability to cope with stress, you may not hear about the benefits of facial acupuncture. Perhaps this is Pembrokeshire’s best kept beauty secret?

Facial acupuncture is used to improve the complexion, reduce the appearance of lines and improve muscle tone. It works by improving lymph drainage, increasing blood supply to the face and creating new cellular growth.

So what happens when you have a facial acupuncture treatment? First, the acupuncturist will take a detailed medical history and discuss areas of your life that may impact on your health and appearance. You will talk about any particular areas that you would like to be targeted, such as crow’s feet or lines around your mouth.

Your acupuncturist will put together a tailor-made treatment plan while you lie down and relax on the couch. Your acupuncturist may choose some acupuncture points on the legs, hands or feet to complement those used on the face. She will then insert hair-fine needles just under the surface of the skin at specific points. The needles are sterilised single-use and disposable. Once all the needles are inserted you will have 20 minutes to relax. After this the acupuncturist will remove the needles.

The results are cumulative so they increase over the sessions. Most people will need between 6 and 12 sessions but may notice changes as early as the second treatment. You should look and feel brighter and fresher and the appearance of fine lines in target areas will also be reduced. These changes are usually long-lasting.

One of the benefits of facial acupuncture is that you will still look like you and there is no risk of asymmetry or lumps seen with some facial fillers or the reduced expression seen with botox.

Your acupuncturist can also help you address some of the underlying issues that may be affecting your appearance, such as sleep problems or stress.

Facial acupuncture is completely safe if performed by a suitably qualified acupuncturist. You acupuncturist will be very careful with the placement of needles to avoid bruising, although it can occasionally leave mild bruising.

Facial acupuncture isn’t suitable for everyone. There are some health conditions that may be aggravated by facial acupuncture. If you decide to try facial acupuncture, please choose a qualified, professional acupuncturist who has had post-graduate training in this procedure.

Each facial acupuncture treatment lasts 1 hour and costs £50. To find out more or book an appointment call Rachel on 07815 097473 or email at

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