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What happens when you have acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a tried and tested system of medicine which is used across the world to restore and maintain good health. You may have considered trying acupuncture but were unsure about what it involves. Rachel Edney, acupuncturist at the Therapy Rooms in Pembroke Dock, describes what happens during an acupuncture appointment.

‘’The first appointment with an acupuncturist takes about 2 hours. In order to make a diagnosis, the practitioner listens to the patient and takes a complete medical history. I would ask about physical problems and also any emotional stress you are experiencing. Anything discussed is completely confidential. The diagnosis also includes a short physical examination. At the end of the consultation you receive your first treatment.

No two people receive the same treatment as it is completely tailored to you as an individual. I will have learnt a lot about you during the diagnosis and will build on this at every treatment. I can then select the best treatment for you. Only sterile, disposable, single-use needles are used. Five Element Acupuncture uses a gentle needling technique, with the fewest needles possible in each treatment. They rarely cause pain, but there is a sensation that is often described as a dull ache.’’

Everyone responds differently to acupuncture and sometimes the effects are dramatic after the first treatment, whereas others need more than five treatments before they start to feel better. Longstanding problems take longer to heal than recent ones.

During a Five Element acupuncture treatment, hair-fine needles are inserted just below the skin into specific points along natural energy channels to restore health. By working in accordance with natural laws, acupuncture helps relieve physical symptoms such as chronic pain or migraine. It can also help people cope better with stress or anxiety. As one acupuncture patient commented, ‘’I feel a new person, much more positive, fulfilled and able to cope with day-to-day challenges’’.

If you would like to discover for yourself the benefits of acupuncture then call Rachel Edney on 07815 097473 or visit to make an appointment.

Rachel has a degree in biological sciences and worked for 15 years writing training materials for doctors on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry. She completed her acupuncture training in London and has over 10 years of experience in treating many conditions.

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