Meet the habit coach

It’s time to introduce our newest addition to The Therapy Rooms, Nick Rothengatter. Nick is a life coach and NLP Practitioner.

So how did you become a life coach and NLP Practitioner?

Well, as a young teenager one of my role models was Tony Robbins, an influential life coach in the US. His results were very inspirational and made me want to study the ways of human behaviour, not just from a self-help perspective but more importantly from an academic one. I focused on behavioural economics and learned more about the fascinating ways we are all - well to some extent – ‘predictably irrational’ as they like to call it. You can probably think of something in your life that relates to this.

Anyway, after my studies I decided to take on extra training to become a certified life coach and NLP Practitioner to actually DO something with this knowledge and apply it in the field. As I truly enjoy working with people and helping them out to resolve their struggles, this was the best path to take.

What do you enjoy about your work?

I find it amazingly fulfilling to see clients’ grow in their personal journey. As a life coach you can see this happening right in front of you. When clients experience an eureka moment, or when they proudly share their results and have finally followed up on what postponed for soooo long. These kind of experiences are hard, if not impossible, to beat.

Who comes to see you for life coaching and NLP?

All sorts, but in general my clients have been playing around with an issue for a while but can’t seem to tackle it but it keeps bothering them. Other times they seem to struggle to actually make a change that LASTS. They have certain dreams or ambitions on their mind but they have become so shrouded in the routines of daily life that they feel stuck or frustrated and are in need of an extra nudge. Here’s where I come in. I act a bit like a ladder for the ambition of others.

What happens during a typical session?

First and foremost, I’m there to listen to my clients’ story. I believe that’s key to understand any problem. What are they struggling with at the moment? We zoom in at where the problem lies and figure out what to tackle first. NLP and coaching techniques can be introduced to push through quicker, but that all depends on the situation and what works best for the client.

What are your top three health and wellbeing tips?

  1. Every now and then listen to the ‘sunscreen song

  2. Most happiness studies show one clear thing: friendships matter and play a key role in life. Therefore, I can highly recommend you to make the effort and spend time wisely with your favourites. Go out, give them a call and see each other!

  3. Explore the outdoors. Pembrokeshire offers tons of unique and breathtaking opportunities. Make the most out of it. Go for a coastal path walk run with your mates, have a BBQ on the beach, or do something that scares you and book a coasteer!

What’s next for you?

To take on board my own advice and get to know the team at The Therapy Rooms and make some new friends! You can also follow this blog or my own blog on my site

to stay in the loop.

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