An interview with … Melisa, practitioner of Reiki, Indian head massage and Crystal Healing

We thought we would pose a few questions to Melisa, who practises Indian Head Massage, Reiki and Crystal Healing at the Therapy Rooms, to find out more about her work with the people of Pembrokeshire.

How did you come to practise these therapies?

My own health was deteriorating pretty quickly, and while conventional medicine did and still does play a part in my wellbeing, I got to the stage where I knew I had to try alternative holistic therapies, in a bid to help myself. By chance, fate, or pure luck, I was put in touch with a local Reiki Master for treatment, and after my first session I noticed the pain relief was significant. So I went on to be attuned myself to hopefully help others. I've always had an affinity with Crystals, so becoming a Crystal Healer was a natural progression. And while I didn't particularly plan to train in Indian Head Massage, the opportunity arose, so I welcomed it.

What is it you like about the Therapy Rooms Pembrokeshire?

Dee, Rachel, and Emma are lovely ladies to share treatment space with. They are all friendly, supportive, helpful and encouraging. But also the Therapy Rooms themselves have a lovely atmosphere to work in. In addition there are level access rooms, for the less abled, which is important to my practicing.

What do you enjoy about your work?

That's a really easy one to answer. Quite simply everything. As a more in-depth answer, I love people, and if I am able to play a part in helping just one person feel better in some small way, or more able to cope with life's challenges, then it's all worth it. I am very blessed to do something that I love.

Who comes to see you for treatment?

Men, women, children, and even animals have Reiki. People from all walks of life. Those who want to explore holistic therapies, in addition to conventional medicine. Those who are just curious. And the sceptical ones too (they're the ones whose reaction post treatment, is sometimes the most positively expressive).

What happens during a typical treatment?

In Reiki, for example, the client remains clothed at all times. They will relax on the couch, or on a chair. The Reiki Practitioner will then place their hands in a serious of non-intrusive positions on or near the body, starting at the head and finishing at their feet, working with the seven main energy centres of the body (Chakras). Treatment can be hands on, or hands off for those who prefer not to be touched.

What’s next for you?

I hope to continue practicing at the Therapy Rooms Pembrokeshire. And I will continue to seek ways of improving my own health, and that of others. I'm currently training in CBT, Meditation, and Dream Therapy, after that ... definitely more learning.

Give us your three top health and wellbeing tips.

  • Stay well hydrated at all times. The body needs to be hydrated to function on all levels.

  • Listen to your body, it knows exactly what it needs, and is excellent at letting us know it's needs, if we take the time to listen and be aware.

  • Always, always, always, stay true to oneself. If it's right for you, go for it. Don't lose yourself conforming to society's ideals of the norm.

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