Introducing Danuta Nash, reflexologist and massage therapist

We are very excited to welcome Danuta Nash to the Therapy Rooms team!

Danuta is VTCT level 3&4 qualified and fully insured (I.P.T.I) Reflexologist, Sports and Remedial Massage therapist with over 8 years of experience working within clinic environment but also at various sports clubs (Northampton Saints), sporting and charity events such as London Marathon or Rugby world cup.

Over the years Danuta has attended numerous courses and that enables her to combine various techniques to tailor the treatments for each individual client.

Her biggest passion, however, have always been feet. As strange as this may sound, feet are incredibly important part of our body, not just for movement, but for our general health and wellbeing and through her practice Danuta has realised, that for many of us feet are somewhat a forgotten body part. Through her fascination with feet she had discovered Reflexology. Reflexology is non intrusive complementary health therapy, based on a theory that different points on the feet, lower leg, face and hands correspond with different areas of the body.

Last year Danuta attended a week long course in London learning Anatomy in Motion

(AiM). AiM is a system developed by Gary Ward, an expert in human movement and anatomy and author of “what the foot”. The philosophy behind AiM is that the body has the ability to fix itself. And most of the time the “fixing” starts with our feet. This course enabled Danuta to understand the importance of searching for a real cause of her clients problems and to think beyond the textbook treatments.

To book an appointment with Danuta go to

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