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EMMETT Technique

EMMETT Technique is a unique muscle release therapy that use light touch pressure to help ease tension in muscles and muscle groups.  It works on the principle that where certain micro-points within a muscle are pressed, a signal is sent to the brain. The brain evaluates what has been done and re-adjusts the tension in that muscle. The muscle will eventually release any emotional attachments or memory it may have held and will ‘reset’ itself back to original state.

If you would like to try EMMETT Technique then contact John Charles MCMA who is an Advanced EMMETT Practitioner for humans, Accredited EMMETT Practitioner for horses, and EMM-Tech Tutor.  He has also studied Pelvic Care using the EMMETT Technique.

We also offer EMM-Tech (Easy Muscle Management Technique), which is an 8-hour introductory course that will teach you to use 11 basic moves for self help, or use it on family or friends.  No experience necessary and this course is open to all.


We all lead busy lives pressured by modern living, and this gentle therapy is a way to help relax, relieve stress and create a great sense of well-being. John gives treatments and runs courses for those who want to learn this therapy.


John is qualified in First Aid and is fully insured. He is a Member of the Complementary Medical Association.

If you would like to make an appointment with John then please call him on 07776 338118 or email him via his website

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