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Emotional Freedom Technique

Tapping therapies (EFT/TFT) a powerful technique combining modern psychology – speaking about the

issue out loud –  and Chinese medicine. By tapping on specific meridian points on the body to clear blocks

and encourage neuroplasticity, you can rewire the brain to create positive change.

EFT works on a variety of issues from anxiety, fears to unhelpful self-beliefs.



Angela Robinson

Angela offers an energetic approach to wellbeing. Having worked with people experiencing trauma and

issues of loss for over 20 years. Angela combines this knowledge with energy healing in recognition that

the body hold the score and our emotional and physical wellbeing is intrinsically linked.

Angela is experienced in working with people from 0+ and is fully DBS checked. To find out more

about any of the services on offer please contact Angela directly via her Facebook group or on 07983 963192.

You can read more about Angela's work at her website.


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